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First Question

Where do you think gta 5 will be?

a)San Fierro(and mount chiliad and its souroundings)

b)Las Venturas(The DEsert Too,and its souroundings)

c)Los Santos(red county and its souroundings)

Second Question

Where do you think GTA HArbor City Wll bvE/?

no more questions

67.Harbor Race

68.Portland,The Chainsaw Massacre

69.Agent 015

70. a 4 people problem

71.Liberty Robbery

72.Get the antagonist!

73.Ghost Idol!

74.The Ghost Town!

75.Race 'N' Chase


77.Love Videos & Photos

78.A NEw Media in town!

79.Move Freedom!


81.Darker guy return!

82.Prison Return!

83.Bill Bob again!

84.Phil C.

85.Army Training!

86.Back To School!


88.The Story Begins!

89.Atrium Job!

90.Lowrider Job!/Tanks & Lowriders!

91.It's Nearly Over!

92.Liberty City Bikers!

93.There DEvil!

94.The 64' Liberty City Love

95.Liberty City Survivor!

96.Ultimate Run in the park!

97.Step By Step!

98.Dangerous Attempt~

99.Last Moments!

100.Taxi Help!/Money Trouble!

(left=PC name,right=PS2 name of the mission)

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